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Darius is among those young artists that make you realize how much the electronic music scene has entered a new era. Signed on Roche Musique in partnership with Animal63, Darius uses his machines like others once played their instruments to express their time and their emotions. His first album ‘Utopia’ digs in 60s and 70s classic repertoire but at the same time speaks today’s language, post-Dilla hip-hop, digital dancehall or early British breakbeat.



  • “One of the most promising artists signed to Roche Musique”
    Les Inrocks
  • “A record with unparalleled matury and beauty that will get consensus”
  • “Darius established himself as the leader of the new house French scene, colored with soul as well as soothing and organic tones”
  • “The young hope of contemporary french electronic scene”