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Talented composer and producer, Gesaffelstein built up a name for himself with several exciting releases like ‘Viol’ or ‘Control Movement’. Also known for collaborating with Kanye West on two standout tracks on ‘Yeezus’ album with Daft Punk and Brodinski, he released in 2013 his debut album ‘Aleph’, album that received a critical acclaim. Gesaffelstein also composed the original soundtrack of Alice Winocour’s movie ‘Maryland’, nominated at the Cannes Film Festival. Lately, he released his sophomore album HYPERION with featurings from The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams, Haim, The Hacker and Electric Youth.


  • Gesaffelstein releases his new album HYPERION. MORE HERE
  • Gesaffelstein releases brand new single “Blast Off” featuring Pharrell Williams. MORE HERE
  • Gesaffelstein releases new track and video featuring The Weeknd ! MORE HERE



  • “It's almost like he's daring the industry to accept his strangeness, and that kind of I-do-what-I-want attitude is welcomed here. Now it's up to the fans to make it what they want.”
  • “His dark industrial techno vibes have infiltrated everything you love, but now Gesaffelstein is back to making his own music.”
  • “It ultimately succeeds in retaining Gesaffelstein's iconic sound while still dabbling into a niche side that's commercial - he doesn't shy away from his signature use of analog synths and basses as well as white noise additives.”
  • “Hyperion suggests he intends to leave another grandiose impact — one which will be different from anything he’s done thus far in his career.”
    Dancing Astronaut